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April 2018 Start

Japanese Language department

  • April course (2years)
  • October course (1.5year)

Over 1,000 Japanese students have been leaning in other departments already. It means you can put yourself in daily Japanese communication naturally. Our lessons will be a “task accomplished style” which leads your Japanese skill higher practically. We clarify what you can do in Japanese step by step and you’ll be sure of self-confidence steadily.

Spend with many Japanese students
Unlike normal Japanese school, our college made up with many Japanese students. Daily Communication with Japanese will provide you the essence of Japanese culture and the real Japanese life.
Comfortable campus life and facilities
“Ark Hall" which is a symbol of our college, audio-visual room with the latest equipment, tea room for culture lessons etc. There is a cafeteria and a convenience store as well.
"Task accomplish lessons"
Our lesson style is to set and clear goals step by step. Also you’ll have plenty of time to SPEAK Japanese to express what you think / want with your own words.
Strong connection with medical welfare industry and support your future
We’ll provide academic and carrier counseling which matches your conditions. Many graduates play an active role throughout especially the medical and welfare industry.

About Fees

【First year】

Screening fee Admission fee Tuition fee Other expense Total
2years course Screening fee20,000円 Admission fee60,000円 Tuition fee540,000円 Other expense50,000円 Total670,000円
1.5year course Screening fee20,000円 Admission fee60,000円 Tuition fee540,000円 Other expense50,000円 Total670,000円

【Second year】

Screening fee Admission fee Tuition fee Other expense Total
2years course Screening fee Admission fee Tuition fee540,000円 Other expense50,000円 Total590,000円
1.5year course Screening fee Admission fee Tuition fee270,000円 Other expense25,000円 Total295,000円

In addition to the above, students will be required to pay 30,000 yen for insurance and support during the school year.

About course

※Please note that you will be placed AM or PM class depends on your level.

Daily conversation in shops, restaurants etc.
Learn Hiragana, Katakana, familiar Kanji characters.
Target to JLPT N5-N4
Highly communication for travel arrangements, express own will etc.
Understand TV drama, animations, manga.
Target to JLPT N3-N2
Fluent communication with Japanese people and business scenes.
Understand novels, newspapers, news.
Target to JLPT N2-N1

For Study
Personal interview based on individual study records for solving problems, finding weak points to make better study plan.
For Life
Help necessary procedures (visa, office documents). Give advises for your life in Japan. Quick care for emergency.
For Future
Career guidance and individual consultation for your future. How to write a resume, how to perform in the interview etc.
For Part-time job
Provide part-time job information and training for business interview, business manners, workplace safety.

Why don’t you become a KAIGO FUKUSHI-SHI
(certified care worker)?

MIRAI Gakuen has Care and Welfare (KAIGO) course.

KAIGO is to take care of elderly or handicapped people. After graduate, you will be able to get “KAIGO visa” and work in Japan as a care worker.
Employment rate is 100%!!Don’t worry, skilled teachers are waiting for your power.

For further information

Message from Teachers

Takahiro Kato, Japanese teacher

Please feel free to ask anything about your life in Japan. Finding a part-time job, an accommodation and so on. We are taking care each of you.

Mieko Takahashi, Japanese teacher

I place importance on active and communicative lessons. Let’s have fun and learn together.

Minori Hayakawa, Japanese teacher

The advantages of Mirai Gakuen is that you can get a lot of chances to interact with Japanese students. Please try to communicate with Japanese students actively using Japanese you study at Mirai Gakuen!

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